If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.

      Happy moments, praise God.

      Difficult moments, seek God.

      Quiet moments, worship God.

      Painful moments, trust God.

      Every moment, thank God.



Life Is..........

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it
Life is beauty, admire it
Life is bliss, taste it
Life is a dream, realize it
Life is a challenge, meet it
Life is duty, complete it
Life is a game, play it
Life is a promise, fulfill it
Life is a sorrow, overcome it
Life is a song, sing it
Life is a struggle, accept it
Life is a tragedy, confront it
Life is an adventure, dare it
Life is luck, make it
Life is too precious, don't destroy it
Life is life, fight for it

-Mother Theresa-



                For Christ does not give a mission without supplying the means to accomplish it.




Does your LIFE have balance?


                                                                                      33 1/3% GOD / SPIRITUALITY

33 1/3% 33 1/3%

                             FAMILY                                                      WORK or SCHOOL


Sometimes an area of your LIFE will spin out of control requiring more then

33 1/3% of your energy but it is essential to balance your LIFE back again!


"Where there is no love, put love -- and you will find love."  St. John the Cross

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